Merry Christmas

My online friends are very special to me.  I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  I hope 2009 will be all you need and most of what you desire. 

I have been blessed through my friendships.  Thank you.

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Happily Addicted to the Web

A good online friend shared this new Christmas song.  Thanks Mary.

Happy Holidays to all.  May all your online friends be as special as mine are. 

(tune–Winter Wonderland)
Doorbell rings, I’m not list’nin’,
Through open doors, snow is glistnin’
I’m happy–although
My boss let me go–
Happily addicted to the Web
All night long, I sit clicking,
Unaware, time is ticking,
There’s stubble on my cheek,
Same clothes for a week,
Happily addicted to the Web.
Friends come by
They shake me,
Saying, “Yo man!
Don’t you know,
Downstairs, it’s your mom”?
With a listless shrug,
I mutter, “No man;
I just discovered msn dot com!”
I don’t phone, don’t send faxes,
Don’t go out, don’t pay taxes,
Who cares if someday
They drag me away?
I’m happily addicted to the Web
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Conversion Table

Thanks to my friend Ken, who provided my blog for today.  He always have something enjoyable or interesting to read.   
~ 1000 aches: 1 megahurtz
~ Ratio of an igloo’s circumference to its diameter: Eskimo Pi
~ 2000 pounds of Chinese soup: Won ton
~ 1 millionth of a mouthwash: 1 microscope
~ Time between slipping on a peel and smacking the pavement: 1 bananosecond
~ Weight an evangelist carries with God: 1 billigram
~ Time it takes to sail 220 yards at 1 nautical mile per hour: Knot-furlong
~ 365 days of drinking low-calorie beer because it’s less filling: 1 lite year!
~ Half of a large intestine: 1 semicolon
~ Basic unit of laryngitis: 1 hoarsepower
~ Shortest distance between two jokes: A straight line!
~ 453.6 graham crackers: 1 pound cake
~ 1 million-million microphones: 1 megaphone
~ 1 million bicycles: 2 megacycles
~ 365.25 days: 1 unicycle
~ 16.5 feet in the Twilight Zone: 1 Rod Serling
~ 2000 mockingbirds: two kilomockingbirds (Hint: think Gregory Peck!)
~ 10 cards: 1 decacards
~ 1 kilogram of falling figs: 1 Fig Newton
~ 1000 grams of wet socks: 1 literhosen
~ 1 millionth of a fish: 1 microfiche
~ 1 trillion pins: 1 terrapin
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Another Love Story

January 10, 2008

Dog retrieves his best friend – a cat buried in the garden

A pet dog missed the family’s dead cat so much that he dug up his grave and brought the body back into the house.

When Oscar’s owners woke up the next morning they discovered the dog curled up beside Arthur, the late cat, in his basket.

His owners, Robert Bell, 73, and his wife, Mavis, of Wigan, Greater Manchester, believe that the dog had licked the cat clean before falling asleep.

Mr Bell said that the two pets were constant companions. Arthur, who was a large cat, used to help Oscar to climb on to the sofa.

Oscar, an 18-month-old Lancashire Heeler, had watched Mr Bell dig a grave in the garden and then lower the cat into the hole.Mr Bell said: “He had managed to climb out through the cat flap in the night, obviously with the intent to get Arthur back. Bearing in mind that Arthur was a huge cat, Oscar must have used all the strength he could muster.

“Then he pulled him into the basket and went to sleep next to him. Arthur’s coat was gleaming white. Oscar had obviously licked him clean. It must have taken him nearly all night.”

Arthur is now reburied in a secure grave. And Oscar has a new playmate, a kitten called Limpet.

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Does it matter?

Thoughts on blogging, blogging thoughts, thoughts on thoughts, blogs on blogs, to write, what to write, when to write, how to write, how to blog, hmmm. Does it matter?

I have had this blog since July 6, a little over 5 months, just under 4000 views – FOUR THOUSAND views, averaging 40+ views a day.  Do I know 40 people? I know my family isn’t that large. Actually I doubt if any of my small family even reads this, or is aware of this blog.  Where do these people come from?  Does what I write interest the various readers? Does it matter?

I know everyone seems to like the pictures of animals, but shouldn’t blogs be more than pictures?  I don’t know, I’ve never had a blog before, and have really only read a couple with any regularity. Am I doing it right?  Does it matter? Does this blog matter to anyone else but me? Does that matter? Does it matter that I wonder if it matters? Does that matter?  <sigh>  my head hurts.

How does this fit into the skeme of things in the world?  Will my running my computer affect global warming?  Will it affect world politics, US politics, local politics, the price of paper, the price of gas, intestinal gas, world peace, loss of animal habitat, organic farming, overpopulation, the price of tea in China, the spices in chili in Chile? Some people spell chili as chilli.  Who cares?   Do I care?  Should I care?  Does it matter if I care?  Who cares that I care? Does it matter?

I’m not sure what I really wanted this blog to be when I started. It seemed to be the thing to do.  I guess I’d hoped to have something of interest to say, but then thought it might turn out to be more of a diary/journal. A diary/journal is something you write for yourself. A diary is written for memories, a place to write your thoughts, contemplations, dreams and ideas.  A place to write about your loves and lost loves, pride and accomplishments, sadness and regrets, friends, enemies, people who pass by you on the street who you don’t know.  People aren’t to read other people’s diaries, at least until you are old or dead and your great great grand children, playing in the attic find long lost notebooks you’ve packed away because you can’t bear to throw away anything you’ve worked so long and hard on and it’s your life story.

Then again, if this were a real diary and not a blog, I’d write a lot more personal stuff here.  But this is a blog, open to anyone in the world with a computer connection.  I don’t want the world to know all my personal stuff.  Does that matter?  Why would they want to know it anyway?  Especially the people who don’t know me and have somehow ended up here. There are a lot of strange people in the world.  Some very nice people and some real kooks.  I don’t want the kooks to know too much about me, they might come and look for me.  I have enough strange friends, I don’t need the kooks showing up on my doorstep.

I have found some posts very easy to do and others difficult.  I sort of feel if I have a blog, and I have an average of 40 ish views per day, I should write something every day, otherwise those 40 people, whoever they are, will get bored and not come back.  My “best” day has been 92 hits.  One day 92 people came to view my blogs, or maybe 46 people came here twice.  What were they looking for?  Did they find it? Does it matter <G>?  Who cares <g>.

I do find that if I were writing this 100% for myself I would probably have a lot more writing and a few less pictures.  Perhaps I’d have 4-5 posts in one day and nothing at all for weeks and weeks.  Some days it seems like I have lots of ideas, but don’t want to put them all on one day, I try to stretch the posts out so I have something to post tomorrow for the 40 people who will stop by. Then when I go to my list of possible blog ideas they don’t seem interesting anymore.  Were they interesting only in the moment, or where they never of interest? Maybe like the newspaper, you read it completely if it’s today’s paper, but may only scan the headlines if it is a week or more old.  Does it really matter?

Blogging has become a challenge, a goal, a purpose so to speak (or write).  Something I need to do today, tomorrow, and next week with intelligence, (?) humor – well I try at times, and trying at times sometimes with enthusiasm, sometimes with a feeling of “ok write something, anything, just get it done”.  I wonder if people who write professionally or for a living ever feel like that.  I should ask Pooks the fabulous script writer, teacher of writing and former romance novelist whose blog I read (Planet Pooks) and who is probably to blame for getting me to start my own.  HA Pooks, it’s ALL YOUR FAULT!!

Of the 40 people who visit, I get few comments.  A few friends will give an encouragement, or comment when they read something, and very surprisingly I get a few comments from total strangers who pop in for a view.  How they find me I haven’t quite figured out, but thanks for stopping by and commenting.  I appreciate it, and I hope you come back.  If you don’t, well, does it matter?

Well, it seems like I have today’s post written.  Interesting.  or is it?  Does it matter?

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