About ME

This is the section where I’m to say something about ME. 

What to say….what to say?  

Hmmm, ok. I live in Toledo, Ohio and I have a special place in my heart for animals of all types.  I am a volunteer AND employee for The Toledo Zoo, one of the GREAT zoos of the world.  I love it.  

In my spare time, my gainful employment is with Stautzenberger College.  I teach in the Medical Technology program helping to educate and shape the minds of future medical office workers.  I have been there since December 2007 and teach a variety of classes including Medical Law, Basic Medical Coding, Medical Terminology, and a Medical Keyboarding course for the computer program Medical Manager.   I will change/edit/add/remove items here as the need arises or new inspiration pops its head into my brain.  I hope you enjoy my eclectic comments and will let me know if you’ve stopped by. 


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